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Weight loss program for Dengue Sufferers – Meals to Eat and Keep away from?

The World Well being Organisation (WHO) has recognized dengue as one of the widespread viruses transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. These mosquitoes have a definite black color with white spots.

The incidence of dengue has change into an immense international well being concern. It could possibly trigger low platelet ranges and injury to blood vessels. As well as, there are numerous ranges of dengue fever, and if not handled promptly, it may be deadly. 

After the chunk of an contaminated Aedes mosquito, an individual might expertise joint and muscle ache, excessive fever, headache, and rashes inside just a few days. As time goes on, the signs change into worse. Nonetheless, the milder kinds of dengue fever usually dissipate in every week.

Enhancing the affected person’s immunity is essential in combating the dengue virus. Sadly, there may be at the moment no recognized remedy for dengue fever. Nonetheless, consuming a balanced, nutrient-rich weight-reduction plan might be essential to a speedy restoration. Consuming meals excessive in nutritional vitamins and minerals may help help the immune system and promote therapeutic.

Weight loss program for Dengue – The Dietary Tips

Low platelet counts, extreme weak point, and dehydration are all potential penalties of dengue. You need to plan your weight-reduction plan extra rigorously to forestall that.

A dengue weight-reduction plan plan is essential to the restoration of dengue sufferers. It’s as very important as different remedies and preventative measures for fast restoration. 

Whereas no particular weight-reduction plan can remedy dengue fever, a wholesome and balanced weight-reduction plan may help help the physique’s immune system and help restoration.

Listed below are some basic dietary suggestions for people with dengue fever.

Keep Hydrated

It’s important to drink numerous fluids to keep away from dehydration, particularly in case you are experiencing vomiting or diarrhoea.

These signs may cause you to lose fluids shortly. Water, clear broth, and electrolyte options like Pedialyte may help replenish fluids. Keep away from sugary drinks, as these might result in additional dehydration.

Eat Small Meals

Reasonably than consuming giant meals, think about having smaller meals extra typically.

It could possibly assist be certain that your physique will get the vitamins it wants with out placing an excessive amount of pressure on the digestive system.

Eat Nutrient-rich Meals

You may increase your immune system by together with meals wealthy in nutritional vitamins and minerals in your weight-reduction plan. Fruits, greens, and complete grains are all glorious sources of vitamins.

For these with dengue fever, sure vitamins could also be particularly useful, reminiscent of vitamin C (present in citrus fruits, berries, and leafy greens), zinc (present in seafood, beans, and nuts), and iron (present in meats, beans, and leafy greens).

Keep Away from Excessive-fat and Excessive-fibre Meals

It’s best to steer clear of meals which might be excessive in fats or fibre. They are often difficult to digest and will put numerous stress on the digestive system.

Think about consuming lean proteins like rooster, fish, or tofu, in addition to low-fibre carbohydrates like white rice or pasta as an alternative.

The HealthifyMe Notice

It’s important to do not forget that everyone seems to be totally different and will require particular dietary provisions. Consulting with a healthcare supplier or a registered dietitian is the easiest way to obtain tailor-made dietary steering.

Meals to Eat Throughout Dengue

The meals talked about beneath may help you battle dengue fever, as they’re wealthy in protein and iron.

You may embody them in your weight-reduction plan as per your necessities. In case you want help along with your dietary plan, you possibly can seek the advice of the professionals at HealthifyMe.

Meals Wealthy in Vitamin C

If in case you have dengue, vitamin C is a vital vitamin. Research additionally affirm the identical. Its antibacterial and antioxidative properties are extremely useful.

To supply your physique with sufficient vitamin C, it is best to devour inexperienced leafy greens and fruits like oranges, lemons, papaya extract, and pineapple or pomegranate juice.

Analysis reveals that papaya extract can profit dengue sufferers.

Meals Wealthy in Vitamin Okay

Together with meals like sprouts, broccoli, and inexperienced leafy greens within the weight-reduction plan could possibly be a helpful measure to extend platelet depend when affected by dengue.

That’s as a result of vitamin Okay, which is current in these meals, is important for elevating platelet depend.

Iron-Wealthy Meals

To provide platelets and preserve wholesome blood haemoglobin ranges, your physique wants numerous iron.

Due to this fact, incorporating meals wealthy in iron, reminiscent of beans, liver, beef, and inexperienced leafy greens, might assist to replenish iron ranges and restore platelet depend.

Energising Meals

If in case you have dengue, it is best to devour meals that present power. Some meals are milk, grains, potatoes, and extra.

These meals present your physique with loads of energy and power, serving to you get better and regain power.


It’s important to drink loads of water when recovering from dengue fever. Coconut water and white rice kanji are additionally nice methods to remain hydrated and steadiness electrolytes.


A bowl of soup with veggies and protein is a nutritious meal and might present your physique with power.

The veggies and protein within the soup comprise iron and lots of nutritional vitamins, which may help to spice up your platelet depend. One can even add lentils so as to add flavour and vitamin to the soup.

Vitamin D and E

Some analysis suggests vitamin D dietary supplements assist strengthen the physique’s immune system and defend towards dengue an infection.

Each vitamin D and vitamin E have immunomodulating properties, which implies they may help defend the cells of the immune system from injury brought on by oxidative stress.

The HealthifyMe Notice

The meals you devour is important in how shortly you get better from dengue. Consuming meals wealthy in vitamin C and vitamin Okay may help with the therapeutic course of. Iron-rich meals can even assist to extend platelet manufacturing. Consuming meals that may give your physique power and increase immune system power may help cut back the results of fatigue. You need to keep hydrated and drink sufficient water to forestall dehydration, which might trigger extreme signs. Bear in mind to incorporate electrolytes in your weight-reduction plan as properly.

Meals to Keep away from Throughout Dengue


If in case you have dengue fever, it’s critical to keep away from consuming caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic that causes the physique to lose water via urine. Due to this fact, it’s not useful when affected by dengue as your physique wants to remain hydrated.

Spicy Meals

If in case you have dengue fever, it’s best to stay to a mushy and bland weight-reduction plan and keep away from spices. Consuming spices may cause the abdomen to supply acids, irritating and damaging the abdomen partitions.

Fatty Meals

Throughout dengue fever, digestion of meals is sluggish, making it troublesome for the abdomen to interrupt down high-fat content material. Due to this fact, avoiding meals reminiscent of cheese, fatty meat cuts, butter, deep-fried dishes, and avocado is finest to scale back the pressure in your abdomen and use that power that will help you regain power.

7 Day Reference Weight loss program Plan for Dengue Sufferers

Here’s a 7-day reference weight-reduction plan plan for dengue sufferers.

Day 1 Weight loss program Plan

Meal Menu
Breakfast 2 medium sized Idlis (steamed rice muffins) with 1 bowl of sambar (lentil-vegetable stew) and 1 tsp of coconut chutney
Mid-morning snack 1 medium sized Banana or apple
Lunch Rice, dal (lentils), and cooked greens
Mid-meal night snack Roasted chickpeas or a chunk of fruit
Dinner Roti (flatbread) with rooster or vegetable curry and grilled greens

Day 2 Weight loss program Plan

Meal Menu
Breakfast Upma (semolina porridge) with greens
Mid-morning snack 1/2 cup of pomegranate or papaya
Lunch Rice, dal, and cooked greens
Mid-meal night snack Boiled egg or a chunk of fruit
Dinner 1 small bowl of rice, 1 medium sized bowl of fish or tofu curry, and sauteed greens

Day 3 Weight loss program Plan

Meal Menu
Breakfast 2 mild rotis (flatbread) with 100 g stir fried paneer (cottage cheese) or 2 boiled eggs
Mid-morning snack 1 medium sized orange or kiwi
Lunch 1 cup of rice + 1 katori dal + 1 katori fast sauteed blended greens
Mid-meal night snack 1 fistful of boiled peanuts or a chunk of fruit
Dinner 1 small sized bowl of Rice + 1 small bowl of rooster or blended vegetable curry and 1 medium bowl of steamed greens

Day 4 Weight loss program Plan

Meal Meals Gadgets
Breakfast 2 medium sized idlis + 1 bowl of Vegetable Sambar + 1 tsp of Coconut Chutney
Mid-morning snack 1 medium sized Guava or Pear + 1 -2 walnuts
Lunch 1 medium sized katori of Rice + 1 medium sized katori of dal + 1 bowl of curds
Mid-meal night snack 1 fistful of roasted chickpeas or a chunk of fruit
Dinner 2 phulkas + 1 medium sized katori of rooster curry (made in much less oil) and 1 bowl of roasted greens

Day 5 Weight loss program Plan

Meal Serving Dimension Substances
Breakfast 1 medium sized bowl Vegetable Upma, 2-3 Tbsp of handmade curds
Mid-morning snack 1 medium sized banana or apple + 1 small date
Lunch 1 medium sized katori of Rice + 1 medium sized katori of dal + 1 small bowl of curds + 2-3 rings of cucumber salad
Mid-meal night snack 1 medium sized glass Buttermilk
Dinner 1 small sized bowl of rice + 1 bowl Tofu or rooster curry (made in much less oil) + 1 small bowl of stir fry blended greens

Day 6 Weight loss program Plan

Meal Menu
Breakfast 1 omelette (comprised of 2 egg whites) with 1 slice of complete wheat toast
Mid-morning snack 1 small bowl of strawberries or 1 small bowl of papaya
Lunch 1 medium sized bowl of vegetable Khichdi + 1 small bowl of cucumber Raitha
Mid-meal night snack 1 small bowl of roasted makhane or 1 medium sized fruit
Dinner 2 Phulkas with 1 small bowl of Paneer Capsicum sabzi + 2-3 Tbsp of selfmade curds

Day 7 Weight loss program Plan

Meal Description
Breakfast 2 Phulkas with 1 small bowl of Paneer Capsicum sabzi + 2-3 Tbsp of selfmade curds
Mid-morning snack 1 medium sized orange or kiwi + 3-4 badam
Lunch 1 medium sized bowl of rice + 1 medium sized bowl of palak ki dal + 1 bowl of bottle gourd sabzi
Mid-meal night snack 1 yield of coconut water or 1 small bowl of puffed rice with roasted peanuts
Dinner 1 medium sized bowl of rooster soup + 1 small bowl of grilled greens + 1 slice of wholegrain toast

Together with the weight-reduction plan, these snacks can quickly assist curb starvation and enhance your total well being: Coconut water, vegetable soups, rooster soup, fruits, vegetable and fruit juices, and natural teas

You will need to be aware that that is only a reference weight-reduction plan plan and is probably not appropriate for everybody. Due to this fact, it’s all the time a good suggestion to talk with a healthcare skilled or a registered dietitian for personalised dietary recommendation.

As well as, you possibly can discuss to nutritionists at HealthifyMe to get a personalized plan specifically designed to fit your wants.

The HealthifyMe Notice

When you’ve dengue, it is best to keep away from sure meals. It could assist should you shunned consuming greasy, spicy, or unclean meals. Eat meals which might be wholesome to your physique and are easy to digest. Keep away from consuming any caffeine-containing drinks. Natural drinks ought to take their place as a result of they’ll enable you to really feel higher shortly. Take precautions to forestall buying dengue, primarily should you reside in an space that has just lately skilled flooding. Maintain your own home and your self clear to beat back mosquitoes. Be certain that no mosquitoes can enter the inside of your own home.


If not handled instantly, dengue is a deadly illness. So, should you expertise any signs, it is best to see your physician as quickly as potential. Proceed to bear these dietary suggestions in thoughts.

These meals will help your physique’s restoration and enable you to really feel extra energised. To remain hydrated, devour numerous liquids. To forestall dengue, attempt to adhere to all preventative measures. And get as a lot relaxation as potential.

Continuously Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. What meals needs to be prevented in dengue?

A: When coping with Dengue, it’s best to keep away from excessive in fats, processed, and sugary meals. These meals might be difficult to digest and trigger irritation, worsening of signs. As well as, it’s advisable to chorus from consuming caffeine and alcohol, as that may result in dehydration and additional medical issues.

Q. Which fruit is finest for dengue?

A: Consuming fruits excessive in Vitamin C is an efficient manner to assist battle dengue. Oranges, grapefruits, papayas, pomegranates and guavas, particularly, are glorious sources of Vitamin C that may assist to spice up the immune system and beat back the virus. They’re additionally wealthy in different very important nutritional vitamins and minerals that may assist cut back irritation and supply a number of different well being advantages.

Q. get better from dengue quick?

A: Getting loads of relaxation, ingesting fluids, and consuming a balanced weight-reduction plan are the very best methods to get better shortly from dengue. One ought to take drugs to scale back fever and ache and keep away from actions that might trigger dehydration. You will need to stop mosquito bites to scale back the danger of publicity to the virus.

Q. Are eggs good for dengue sufferers?

A: Eggs are an optimum meals for dengue sufferers because of their nutrient density and composition of proteins, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and wholesome fat. They may help regain power ranges and promote therapeutic by supplying the physique with important vitamins. Moreover, eggs are simply digested and, thus, a wonderful alternative for these with dengue.

Q. Can a dengue affected person drink milk?

A: It isn’t advisable for individuals with dengue to devour milk or another dairy product, as it may be troublesome for the physique to digest and will worsen signs reminiscent of elevated phlegm manufacturing. Earlier than consuming dairy, it’s best to seek the advice of with a healthcare supplier.

Q. Which drink is nice for dengue?

A: No specific beverage is deemed useful for dengue. Nonetheless, it’s essential to sustaining satisfactory hydration when coping with dengue, so consuming ample fluids reminiscent of water, buttermilk, coconut water and lemon primarily based hydrating drinks like shikanji might assist alleviate the results. Furthermore, consuming meals wealthy in nutritional vitamins and minerals might increase the physique’s pure immunity.

Q. Is lemon water good for dengue?

A: Though lemon water isn’t a treatment for dengue fever, it might assist with some signs. It incorporates a great deal of vitamin C to assist strengthen immunity and preserve the physique hydrated. However, should you battle with dengue fever, it is best to communicate along with your doctor and comply with their directions.

Q. Is banana good for dengue?

A: Consuming bananas might profit these with dengue fever, as they’re a wonderful power supply and important vitamins. Replenishing misplaced electrolytes, which may help stop dehydration, is likely one of the advantages of consuming bananas. Bananas additionally comprise vitamin C, which might increase immunity and battle off the virus, and dietary fibre, decreasing irritation. Earlier than including any new meals to your weight-reduction plan, nonetheless, it is very important seek the advice of a nutritionist.

Q. Can dengue be cured in 3 days?

A: Most dengue instances are treatable with supportive care, like taking relaxation and ingesting extra liquids, whereas the physique works to battle the virus. Often, sufferers discover an enchancment of their signs in just a few days, however it normally takes round two weeks to get better absolutely.

Q. What soup is nice for dengue?

A: Vegetable and herb-based broths, like carrot and ginger, might be useful for restoration from dengue. The nutritional vitamins and minerals in these greens may help strengthen the immune system, and ginger may help reduce irritation. As well as, soups are simple to digest and assist preserve the physique hydrated. Different soups that may be useful for dengue embody miso, rooster, and vegetable broth.

Q. Does coconut water improve platelets?

A: Though there is no such thing as a scientific proof to point out that coconut water can straight improve platelet ranges, it’s nonetheless a preferred well being drink because of its wealthy electrolyte content material. These parts may help help total well being and supply hydration, which is important for holding platelet ranges at a essential degree for the physique to operate appropriately. Due to this fact, whereas coconut water might circuitously improve platelet ranges, it will possibly nonetheless profit total well being.

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