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Urge the College of Georgia to cease bullying canine

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The College of Georgia (UGA) continues to prop up the merciless dog-breeding trade by making unhealthy bulldogs its image and subjecting them to the stress and hazard of getting used as its mascot, Uga.

A current PETA investigation discovered that shops that promote English bulldogs like Uga—in addition to different canine bred to have grotesquely flattened faces—refuse to supply a “lifetime guarantee” on them as a result of critical well being points they inevitably endure from. English bulldogs, pugs, Boston terriers, boxers, French bulldogs, and different breathing-impaired breeds (BIB) are stricken with brachycephalic syndrome, which causes labored respiration, snorting, coughing, gagging, retching, vomiting, tiring simply, collapsing, and fainting. In one research, one-fifth of brachycephalic canine guardians reported that their canine had undergone a minimum of one surgical procedure associated to having distorted bodily options.

Brachycephalic syndrome is the main reason for loss of life for bulldogs. UGA’s continued use of a reside bulldog mascot drives up demand for these canine who’ve been sentenced to lives of struggling. It’s irresponsible for the college to affiliate itself in any means with the merciless breeding trade, which not solely dooms BIBs and different canine to a lifetime of well being issues but additionally worsens the animal homelessness disaster.

As a substitute of placing a intentionally deformed canine into horrifying and harmful conditions—at one soccer sport a reside canine mascot was virtually trampled by a steer—UGA ought to make the compassionate choice to switch canine within the position of Uga with a prepared human. It’s merciless to shuffle reside animals from sport to sport as in the event that they have been sporting gear. Being compelled right into a brilliant stadium stuffed with screaming followers and horrifying noise is traumatic and terrifying for delicate animals, together with canine, who’re affectionate and constant and would a lot slightly be at residence with loving guardians.

Most universities {and professional} sports activities groups now use costumed human mascots, who can interact with followers, pose for photos, lead cheers, and pump up the group. Please contact UGA officers and urge them to switch the college’s reside bulldog mascot with a prepared human one.



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