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Self-publishing editors, and extra — this week’s finest science graphics

Tutorial editors generally publish in their very own journals

Editors publish a surprisingly excessive variety of papers in their very own journals, in keeping with a complete evaluation of their publication data. Twenty-four per cent of editors at Elsevier journals self-publish a minimum of 10% of their papers in journals they edit, and 6% publish a minimum of one-third of their papers there. The research additionally discovered that editors are disproportionately prone to be males.

Self publication: Line chart showing the percentage of editors who publish their own papers in journals that they edit.

Supply: F. Liu et al. Nature Hum. Behav. (2023).

How India’s caste system holds some scientists again

Marginalized castes in India are under-represented in elements of the nation’s training system and analysis establishments, a knowledge evaluation exhibits. The problem begins in faculties and feeds by way of to college admissions. Adivasis and Dalits, members of two of essentially the most marginalized and poorest communities, are under-represented in undergraduate science programs, with their enrolment falling beneath authorities targets.

Undergraduate students in India: Bar chart sowing proportion of Adivasi and Dalit undergraduate students by subject area.

House launches hit a document

2022 was a document 12 months for area, with 180 rockets efficiently launched to orbit — essentially the most ever. The launches had been dominated by US firm SpaceX and by authorities and industrial craft from China. SpaceX performed 61 profitable launches, most carrying its Starlink communications satellites.

Orbital traffic: Area chart showing number of objects weighing more than 100 kg in low Earth orbit from 2005 to 2023.

Information from Jonathan McDowell



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