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PETA’s Restoration {Hardware} (RH) Shareholder Activism

RH, previously often known as Restoration {Hardware}, refuses to ensure to its shareholders (together with PETA) and prospects that the down feathers in its merchandise aren’t yanked out of delicate geese and geese. That’s why PETA submitted a decision calling on the corporate to fee a report on the welfare of the birds in its down provide chain and launch it earlier than the tip of the yr.

PETA’s decision, submitted to RH on the retailer’s 2023 annual assembly, reads partially as follows:

Shareholders request that RH subject a report previous to December 31, 2023, on the remedy of geese and geese on farms and at slaughterhouses in [the] firm’s down provide chain so as to decide whether or not these operations adjust to relevant animal welfare legal guidelines. The report must also tackle the dangers introduced by the corporate’s sourcing of down that’s incompatible with animal welfare legal guidelines and the corporate’s plans, if any, to mitigate these dangers.

RH has recognized accountable sourcing and vendor compliance as a key element of its enterprise mannequin. As well as, it has pledged to “monitor sure animal and pure merchandise equivalent to these made with down feathers” in an effort to receive down and feathers from “moral and humane sources.” Nevertheless, RH supplies no transparency relating to its monitoring course of together with, particularly, whether or not its monitoring has confirmed vendor compliance with animal welfare legal guidelines or what is completed when a vendor is discovered participating in practices that go in opposition to its insurance policies.

RH can not rely upon third-party audits, trade regulators, or authorities our bodies to make sure that it obtains down in a way according to its publicly said values and pledges.

PETA Entity Exposés Reveal How Birds Undergo for Down

In 2022, PETA entities launched exposés of amenities in Poland, Russia, and Vietnam—a few of the world’s largest down exporters. These investigations verify that atrocious cruelty, gross lapses in oversight, and a number of violations of trade requirements and each native and worldwide legal guidelines are rampant within the down trade.

birds on a farm have been live plucked for their down feathers

Even on “responsibly licensed” farms, sick and injured geese languished in crowded and filthy tons. Employees slaughtered shrieking and terrified geese on web site by stretching their necks out throughout a stump, then repeatedly hacking at them—as many as seven occasions earlier than decapitation was full—with a boring axe.

Insufficient gorgeous at a number of slaughterhouses brought about immense and extended struggling to geese who have been then left hanging the other way up from leg shackles, some flapping wildly as they slowly bled to dying after being slashed or stabbed within the neck.

Be a part of PETA in Demanding That RH Cease Promoting Down

All down comes from birds who’re ultimately killed in a violent, painful approach. They’re usually picked up by their necks, wings, or ft and stuffed into crates for a grueling journey by all climate extremes to the slaughterhouse. There, a lot of them are inadequately surprised earlier than their throats are minimize, so that they’re nonetheless aware once they’re dumped into defeathering tanks filled with scalding-hot water.



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